Friday, January 25, 2013

Life with a Potty-Trained Child

Potty-training has been sooo long and drawn out with The Frog, and even now, he still has occasional accidents.  I never thought I would be so proud of someone for taking them-selves to the toilet to do a #2, but really I still feel so triumphant every time.   Some funny things about The Frog using the toilet lately I wanted to remember so I could tell his future dates ;)
Whenever he needs toilet paper, he gets off the toilet and give the roll his full attention.  Then, using both hands, he rips the toilet paper (always only 1 square) verrrrry carefully.

The other day, The Frog had been outside without mittens on and when he came in, he said (more like bawled...) his hands were freezing and he needed his mittens.
We all went about our daily business and later The Frog comes running through, with a particularly proud look on his face, and soaking wet mittens.
The Frog: I used the potty!!
Jay: Good job!
Me: Were you wearing your mittens while you used the potty?
The Frog: Yep!  And I washed my hands!

Hence, the wet mittens.

As of yesterday, I have commenced the training of little Peach, who I fear has lost the eagerness she had right before Hazel was born.  Any pointers would be appreciated.

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