Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have so much to post about!!  It's overwhelming... I'm going to try and break it into smaller pieces, as Jay suggests.  Hopefully I will post one every day or so for the next while until I feel caught up!

As you may have guessed, having 3 kids is more time consuming than 2- particularly when one is an adorable baby (adorable is key.  It's hard to not spend lots of time just admiring when not feeding/burping/changing/putting to sleep) therefore this blog has suffered.  However, Jay and I are trying out a new sleep schedule that will hopefully help our productivity and the amount of time we can spend with the kiddos.  This has proved to be very true so far, but it hasn't increased the amount of time I can spend on the computer (because time with kiddos means no time for computer), though the house is finally starting to feel cleaner and we are finally eating good food for dinner again.

We are all alive and happy, in case anyone was wondering :)

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