Monday, January 21, 2013

Kid Conversations

I've been stock-piling notes about kid conversations and other cutenesses in my email for months and I'm starting to look over them and now I can't remember what I meant for a lot of them :(  I'm going to try and get out the ones I can still appreciate over the next few days before I forget!

Both kids often put on their filled-with-randomness-backpacks at say "bye, mom!  I'm going to ____".  Sometimes the doctor, sometimes preschool (Peach), grandmas... all kinds of places.  Well this particular day...
The Frog: "Bye, mom! I'm going to babysit!" (to himself) "oh, I need to bring my axe."

I can't decide if I should be more worried about his current babysitters, or his future babysitting career....

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