Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas 'n Crafty

I had high hopes of pulling off an advent calendar with an activity every day, but just couldn't get it together.  I need to plan earlier next year.  We did do a few of the things on my list though.

I went SUPER SUPER easy for neighbor gifts this year- something the kids could help with, quick and non-messy.  We made these little nutter butter reindeer cookies.
We made snow globes of the kids one day, but it didn't end up being that cool- it was more like a mom project and also they just weren't that fun with glitter that FLOATS.  boo.  They didn't get a lot of use and now they are still sitting on the kitchen counter, cluttering up my life and I can't decide what to do with them.  For some reason, I can't throw them away...
At my ward's play group, the kids made these little "snowman Nativities".  Isn't marshmallow baby Jesus adorable?
Our kids always fight over who gets to say the prayer at meal time (and usually we end up saying it twice...) so I made a little prayer chart so we can take turns.
I wanted to make sure we did this hand-print ornament of each child, so I could remember they use to be small once. Hazel's was tricky-  she kept digging her fingers into the dough, so I had to trace her hand on paper first, then cut it out and use that as a template.  Sadly, some of the lines from the paper got in the dough and hers has little blue lines in it.  Live and learn.

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cheryl said...

We loved your treats and thought they were so cute! The hand print ornaments are a great idea. I'm so sad I missed those cute marshmallow nativities at playgroup. They are adorable.