Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kid Conversation

Peach loves playing doctor and will often come up to me out of the blue and ask, "mom, are you sick?"  This was a particular doctor visit:
Peach: "What's wrong?"
me: "My tooth hurts"
Peach gets out the blood pressure cuff and, with my help, puts it on me and "measures" my blood pressure.
Peach: (very authoritatively, with furrowed brow) "You got too much blood!"
She goes on to "measure" other things and The Frog comes over and puts the blood pressure cuff back on
The Frog: "You don't have any blood!!"
me: "Really?  Peach just told me I have too much blood!"
The Frog: (Leans in and whispers) "That's my sister.  She doesn't know much about doctor stuff."


Keegan said...

I *love* this conversation! Such superiority! So funny!

AngelaMuir said...

HA! that one is super funny :) i'm just catching up on your blog. miss you guys!