Thursday, January 17, 2013

December Kid Pics

It took me forever to upload my camera pics because I felt like I wasn't taking any. Well, when I finally did it on Sunday I saw that I in fact had over 300!!

Peach and The Frog beg to have a "sleepover" every night and we have decided to let them do it on Fridays only.  (they always stay up WAY too late playing and most of the time, someone gets hurt)  Here's a shot of one of the more successful sleepovers- they both ended up in the trundle.
One of The Frog's most requested video games to watch Jay play is Mega Man.  Here he and Peach are pretending to be Mega Man and Mega Girl.

2 of my cuties:
Just a cold day on the trampoline.  Sadly, it's hard to jump when you have all your snow stuff on, and it's not getting as much use lately.  (it's also FREEZING cold!!  More on that in another post)
I thought I should document how Hazel spends half of her time during the day:
Hazel started smiling at 6 weeks old and it is SOOOOO cute.  Usually it's a big open-mouthed one, but they are so hard to catch because cameras are not worth smiling for...

I thought Peach looked so cute in The Frog's hat.
Both kids are always wanting their turn holding Hazel.  It's so cute.  Here, The Frog wanted to set her on his lap while he watched Jay play video games.

Trying to catch a Hazel smile:

Here's a good one!
PS. I LOVE these little knit Mary Jane- if anyone has a pattern, I would so be interested!  I don't think I can pull off copying them on looks alone.
Love this girl.  If only we could all pull off striped pants with such cuteness!

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