Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It has been SOOO COLD this year.  We have had snow on the ground since before Christmas and it has stayed put!  Luckily, The Frog is FINALLY old enough to spend at least as much time playing in the snow as I spend helping him put all his gear on and take it off when he's through, so the days of fresh snow are great, for him.  (Peach, on the other hand... doesn't last as long...)
Peach got a sled for Christmas and they've been sledding at a nearby park several times.  Though they have lots of fun while they're there, The Frog is always crying by the time he gets home because his thumb is cold (he sucks his thumb even through his mitten despite our reiterations of the consequences... le sigh).
It usually gets just above freezing during the day for a bit, and then goes right back down.  As a result, we had some amazing icicles going on this year!

One day, Jay and the kids decided to "harvest" the icicles.

And do what with them?  Turn them into guns of course! (boys...)
Peach was content to suck on them.
I attempted to go sledding with them once, so I could get a picture of them doing it, which means Hazel was going to have to brave the snow as well.
Wearing a bunny bunting sent all the way from Japan!  Thanks Iris!! :)

The Frog is already sucking on his mittened thumb.

Turns out it was too cold for Hazel (and me too) so after snapping one run down the hill, we headed back to the car so she could take her nap.  Thank goodness for my phone, I was able to stay happily occupied :)

Somehow, the kids don't mind getting sprayed in the face too much.

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