Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference Activities

Last October, I decided to make watching LDS General Conference more fun for the whole family.

This year, I decided instead of having a bag with a general authority in it, it would be easier to just look through the cards, and I could have a schedule of things to do.  That way, I could make sure that any sweets would be consumed only after lunch and things with similar types of messes could be done back-to-back.  I didn't take many pictures this year... it's a bit trickier to do with baby in-tow. :)

Special breakfast: Blueberry waffles
Saturday Morning Session
-Foam Sticker pictures (I got some half off at Target, leftover from Easter)

-Pin hole picture- draw a simple line drawing (or print one) and with the paper on carpet, use a pin to poke holes along the line.  Then hang it up on a window with the drawing side to the window (so all you can see are the holes) and you can see the pictures with light!  The Frog did a spaceship with an alien inside :)
-Build a temple out of Legos

-Making Play Dough & playing with it.  (this lasted a long time)

Saturday Afternoon Session
The kids were napping for the first part of it

-Toothpick and marshmallow sculptures- The Frog loved this, and would have spent even more time on it than he did, but I sadly ran out of toothpicks.  I'll be better prepared next time
-Painted finger and toenails

Special Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls
Sunday Morning Session
-Snack (took longer than I expected)
-noodle necklaces- I started out with macaroni, but quickly realized they were waaay too small to thread.  If I had the bigger ones, it would have worked, so we ended up using a penne instead.  I was going to have them color them with marker, but quickly discovered that was way too messy as well..  Fruit loops might be a better alternative next time- that way we could sort them into colors first, and it's a special treat I would not normally let them have.
-water coloring.  I was going to have them draw something on the back that we would cut out after water coloring, but I had to put Hazel down for a nap and couldn't supervise.  As a result, they quickly grew bored of this.

Sunday Afternoon Session
-Roll and cut out sugar cookie dough- it was cute to have The Frog pick out a cookie cutter and say why it reminded him of Jesus.  ("We should do a hand because Jesus had holes in his hands".  "Jesus was an angel after he died, right?"  "Jesus loves everyone, so we should do hearts"....)
-"Paint" the cookies with egg yolk + 1 drop food coloring.  We just had green, yellow and orange.  A fun, less sugary, frosting substitue.

-scissors and punches- I have a lot of interesting scissors and punches they like to play with.  I thought after they cut things out, we could try to make shape collages, or make Easter Eggs like this or this, but Peach accidentally dropped one of the huge punches on The Frog's foot and he was basically freaking out and crying for the rest of conference.  We didn't make him take a nap and ended up getting him to fall asleep during the last 15 minutes.  Looks like he needed one after all...

Things planned but never got to:
-paper bag puppets
-train tracks
-crepe paper pencil pictures
-sewing cards
-paper shape collages
-paper Easter egg decorating

I think it went well.  The Frog asked, after the first 3 sessions, "Can we do conference again?"

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