Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Take that Back!

I had forgotten...  I made Peach let me take a couple pictures of her for a post for tomorrow and when I uploaded them I saw that I DID manage to take some photos in the morning of the Easter egg hunting and basket reveal.  (in between dinner prep, me getting ready, choir practice for our Easter performance...) Silly me :)

Our kids get extra spoiled on Easter because Nanie and Gampie always send swimming stuff (to use at the lake house when we visit each Summer) and a few extra goodies.

 Which is probably good since I managed to not give them even one piece of candy this year.   Before you judge me, I did get them the unhealthy kind of fruit snacks!  And they got green and white animal circus cookies.  Those have sprinkles.  They're definitely bad for you, right? :D
The Frog finally got his first alarm clock.  (Lego Boba Fett)  Now he can know what time it is and if he's allowed to come out of his room or not.  (We have found that unless given a required "sleep-in time", The Frog will wake up at 5am and sneak down and play with his toys, and subsequently be tired and grumpy all day...)
 Peach loved her little doctor set  (she got for Christmas) so much, we decided to replace the cheap (and now in pieces) stethoscope for a real one.  It's been really cool for all of us!
This is the first year when I felt like 12 eggs was not enough.  In the past, I ended up doing the rest of the dyeing and getting the kids to find all the eggs was painful.  This year, however, The Frog was really interested in both dyeing and finding them, so I'll for sure do more next year.
Peach woke up on Easter morning and decided she needed to wear her tutu all morning... in case you were wondering :)
My parents came over for dinner that night, after church.  It was a fun day.

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