Monday, April 22, 2013

Kid Conversation

The Frog likes to play this game when I'm nursing where he'll get on his "blasters" (he covers his hands with plastic cups) and asks me to send him on a mission that usually involves ridding a spooky forest of ghosts and warewolves, or crossing a dangerous bridge guarded by cannibals.  There is much prompting by him, because I'm not very creative.
"Where do you want me to go?",  "How do I get there?", "Do I have to cross over a bridge?",  "What's under the bridge?", "What's in the forest?", etc.  I can't wait to get him to right short stories.

Anyway, I had just felt very proud of myself making up a quest where he needs to defeat the robbers at the bank.  I told him very detailed directions about how to get there knowing he'd ask...
Me: "You have to take the freeway...."
The Frog: "k..."
Me: "and get off at exit 8 and take a left by the gas station..."
The Frog: "k..."
Me: "and the bank is on the right.  It's called, First Capital Bank."
The Frog: "Ok.  But which capital is it?  Capital A?"

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Keegan said...

Obviously you just weren't detailed enough. ;) So cute!