Thursday, April 4, 2013

Peach is sooooooo Two!

I thought I might highlight some Peach's regularly occurring 2- year-oldisms

When I ask her to do anything, she yells at the top of her lungs, "NO!"

When The Frog or I try to help her do anything she says, "No! This is my projeck."  and then when she can't do it on her own she screams, "HELP!!"

She eats sand.  (I will never understand this phenomenon...)

Sometimes Peach is such a little pill!  But even when she is, I can't help but enjoy her "twoness".

She undresses from the waste down before playing in the sand box.  (and then subsequently runs around the backyard sporting a little sand patch on her bum that spans the crack...)

She hates getting her fingernails clipped or her hair combed, but then walks around insisting she must do both for everyone else!

She is constantly getting her own tissues to "blow" her own nose, which really means she just makes one tiny pinch below her nose and throws the basically clean tissue away.

She keeps asking to sit in the high chair to eat, but then once she's there, she doesn't really want to be in there.

She loves to try to buckle any and all buckles within her reach, but usually needs help doing it.  As soon as it is buckled, she then wants it to be unbuckled.  (which always requires help...)

She has decided that "lamby" is now called "Missy Baby", after the baby in Amelia Bedelia and the Baby and loves to take care of her- changing diapers, nursing, putting down for a nap...  She'll for sure let you know not to go in the room where she's napping, so you don't wake her up.

She likes to wash her own hands and face allll by herself in the bathroom after eating.  (which means the bathroom sink now always has some kind of food smeared on the front or on the handles.  **shudder**)

She loves an overwhelming attack of kisses.  Especially while singing bedtime songs.

She's learning the art of stalling at bed time.  (mom, can you fill my water?)

She rarely cleans up, but if she does, it can't be done without singing the "clean up song".

Since we're still potty-training, I usually have her run around in only panties so I don't have to wash all her pants all the time.  She wants to put on her underpants all by herself and most of the time they end up on side-ways.

She has discovered using the kitchen chairs to reach things (allll by herself) she could not reach with the measly stool, and now I always have to hunt down our kitchen chairs before we can eat.

I never know if she's in the mood to be a "big girl" or a baby  (or a puppy...)

We sure love this girl.

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