Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some pics

Right now, Hazel has four standard positions:

1) grabbing feet
2) gripping the sides of the changing table like she's in for an exciting ride
3) grabbing anything within reach and munching on it (or munching her hands if nothing else is within reach)
4) reverently clasping her hands
I wanted to get a picture of the hand-clasping, the other day, and Peach wanted to be in it too...
Then, of course, The Frog didn't want to be left out...
The best family photo so far!  Perhaps I have found a new method to get them to cooperate- leave them out!

After dishes were cleaned up, we went for a walk around the block, to take a neighbor some bread.  (they just had a baby)  The Frog picked out his own necessary gear:
he refused to wear matching shoes.  a first for him.
I love that we passed so many neighbors while we were out (it was such a beautiful day!) and they all played along with his disguise...  "who's that super hero riding around on that bike?"

The neighbors with the new baby also have a little dog.  Peach greatly anticipated getting to pet him.  Unfortunately, when they opened the door, the dog took off running to their back yard and Peach tried to follow, but then almost immediately tripped and face-planted on the cement.  She was sad, because it hurt, obviously, but was really trying to get out of my hug so she wouldn't miss petting that rascally dog :)
not a bloody nose, but a giant scratch that just looks like one.  she also has scrapes on her forehead and knees
She was basically fine, but then started crying later that night when she saw herself in the mirror.


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