Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hazel is 6 months old!

I can't believe Hazel is already 6 months old!!  Some things she's been doing lately:

If I try to read while nursing, she'll often throw her hand back and try to grab at my book.  I'll look at her and jokingly get her in trouble and she'll just smile back with a mouthful.  I love those milky smiles...

She is babbling so much.  I know The Frog never did that, but I can't remember whether or not Peach did.  She still doesn't really use any consonants, though.  Just all "ohh"s, "oooh"s, and "ahhhh"s.  My favorite is when she does it while I'm singing bedtime songs to her.

I always sing, "gunk gunk" (as my kids call it- for those of you in the family who know, it's that frog one mom used to sing, but I've added additional verses with additional animal sounds), "Give Said the Little Stream", and "I Am a Child of God".  For the first one, I'll often hold her out in front of me with her feet mashed against my belly and pull her in and out with the music.  She loves it!

She is most definitely in the grab-whatever-she-touches-without-the-appearance-of-noticing stage.  It's so funny to walk by a chair and come away with the blanket draped across the back.  Or walk down the hall and pretty soon you get yanked back because she has the cupboard handle in a death-grip.

And my favorite!!   I can get her into giggle fits, as of last week!  She is most definitely ticklish and I for sure take advantage of that fact :)

Happy Half-Birthday Hazel!

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Keegan said...

She's so cute! I love to hear all the things she's doing. Happy six months, Peach!